Segmentation is a way to divide your customers into groups (or segments) based on some type of shared characteristics, e. g. age, gender, nationality, personal interests, hobbies, etc. Segmentation will help you maintain a personal approach to each group, offering them exactly what they need. Let's create your first segment on the TruMESSAGING platform.

1. Go to the Segments section and click the Add Segment button.

2. Enter the name of your segment.

3. Select your audience by specifying tags and rules.

4. Click Save.

5. Your segment appeared in the Segments section.

6. If you want to edit or delete a segment, use the three-dot menu in the right part of the corresponding row.

That's it! You can now send email blasts, auto responders, and drip campaigns that are personalized and perfectly suit this segment of your audience.