This article will guide you through the TruCHAT chatbot platform and make you familiar with its sections.

TruCHAT platform consists of eight sections represented in the left navigation bar:


The ‘Dashboard’ section displays the statistical data for all your agents, chats, tickets and callbacks on the selected connection during the selected period of time. Use this information to see your strong and weak points and to find ways to improve the performance.



The ‘Activities’ section contains all the active chats, tickets and callbacks for your chatbots and live agents. Go to the ‘Chats’ subsection if you want to watch any conversation or to do a live chat takeover. During a conversation, there may appear a need to create a ticket in order to address an issue. All the tickets can be found in the ‘Tickets’ subsection. And, finally, in the ‘Callbacks’ subsection you can find all the callbacks requested by the customers.



In this section you create and manage your chatbots. Clicking on the section name will open a list of all your chatbots with the number of scripts, intents and FAQ along with their connections and publishing status. The chatbot settings are available via the three-dot menu.



The ‘Templates’ section contains chatbot templates for different purposes. There are several system templates, including the blank one, and you can also create your own templates, which will be saved in the neighbouring tab.


Ready To Go Chatbots


You can find our ready to go chatbots in the ‘Chatbots’ section by clicking on the ‘+Add’ button. RTGC chatbots are available for free in your TruCHAT Pro Account. Diverse, colorful and easy to customize, they will save you a lot of time and help to attract customers.



The ‘Connections’ section has all the channels your chatbots may be assigned to. And this is exactly where you customize your chat widget, set its design, legend, and additional features.




The ‘Administration’ section allows you to configure your leads, agents, banned users, etc. Here you can also manage your custom fields as well as see the history of all conversations sorted by date or by customer.


Chatbot Landing Pages

The ‘Chatbot Landing Pages’ section helps you to create your own webpages with chatbots to engage more customers, capture more leads, and thus take your business to the next level.


Profile Account Settings


To change your profile settings, click on the ‘User Profile’ icon in the main menu and select the ‘User Settings’ option below your profile name.

On this page you will be able to enter your personal data, select the UI language, add an avatar or change the password.


Upgrading Your Trial Account

To upgrade your trial account, click on the ‘User Profile’ icon in the main menu and select 'My Subscriptions'.


Pick the product you want to upgrade and click the ‘Change’ button.


Creating your first chatbot

To create your first chatbot, go to the ‘Chatbots’ section and click on the ‘+ Add’ button. The gallery of available templates will open, and you will be able to filter them by language and by industry.


There is also another way to create a chatbot - via the ‘Templates’ section (see ‘Templates’ above).

Creating your first chatbot landing page

To create your first CLP, go to the ‘Chatbot Landing Pages’ section and click on the ‘+ Add’ button.

After that, you will need to name your CLP, select a connection and choose one of the templates from the gallery. Once you’ve done this, feel free to customize the newly created chatbot landing page at your pleasure.

This was a quick TruCHAT platform overview covering its essentials. Hopefully, you feel much more confident now. We will dive deeper in further articles, stay tuned!